Secret Of Success on Social Media: Share Happiness

Have you ever wondered over the sudden popularity of ‘Harlem Shake’ or Psy’s ‘Gangnam Style’ which is till now the most watched video on Youtube? Even Psy’s native Koreans are clueless about the reason of his popularity. And you may also be wondering over the instant recognition of someone known to you who till recently was living a nondescript life but shot into fame due to Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest or Myspace etc. The one reason is their uncanny ability to create a sense of happiness and sharing it among viewers via social media which gives everybody with computer and internet connection an opportunity to have his share of success. The secret is in sharing happiness. Let’s see why.

All top ten most popular videos on youtube are dedicated to tickle your senses of joy. Same with the Facebook where more than 20 out of 25 top most liked pages belong to entertainers in the fields of music and sports. Before going deeper into the reason of the above, let’s talk about the reason of sudden popularity of Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc. The social media has in fact taken the whole world by storm. The one basic reason for its popularity lies in the people’s need for connectivity with others and a sense of belongingness. Though social media fulfils this need at a digital level, still it is welcome in this age of hectic schedules, approaching deadlines and shrinking free-time available with people.
But the other equally important reason of social media’s fast growth among people especially the youth is its ability to create an alternate medium of sharing news and events among its users. For example according to Amy Mitchell almost 70% of the Facebook members who read or watch particular news on Facebook do so because of the recommendation of friends or family on Facebook. And I assume you would not be surprised to know that as on today there are more than 1000 million members on Facebook.
This is definitely going to affect the traditional news media channels. Why? Because people want to experience joy and happiness in life but the conventional news media like TV and newspapers exploit people’s fear emotions and deliberately play up bad news to increase their circulation. And this is in fact responsible for the rise of social media where news filled with emotions of excitement, joy, humour and even anxiety are lapped up by viewers who choose to ignore items that focus on feelings of unhappiness.
The reasons of videos going viral over youtube or other social networking sites lie in the science behind human behaviour which was the subject of study by Jonah Berger of the University of Pennsylvania, author of book ‘Contagious – Why Things Catch On’. He lists various reasons for thing going viral on social media i.e. people’s desire to be seen smart; stuff that reminds us of something which we can immediately relate to; visual or sounds or any stimuli which stir in people emotions of excitement, joy, humour, or even anger or anxiety; things that are intended to help others etc.
Thus, if you want to enjoy social media success, focus your efforts on giving others something of value which make them look and feel good, creates feelings of happiness, reminds them of something which they hold close to their heart and contributes to their well being. Soon you will be a star on social media.
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Written by: Ashok Kumar
Photo Credit: Wikimedia

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