No One Can Stop An Idea Whose Time Has Come

Written by: Mayank Bansal
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Victor Marie Hugo, one of the France's greatest poets and a very influential writer once said “No Army Can Stop An Idea Whose Time Has Come”. Recently I read this famous quote on Facebook and kept on admiring the beauty and passion that was hidden behind this beautiful line. Sometimes a great idea comes out of nowhere and jumps into your lap. You never recognize it at first as a great idea, then suddenly it hits you “it’s a GREAT IDEA” you just never noticed it before.
I kept thinking about a situation where this might be the case.
And believe me I had to look no further up then our social media giant Facebook. How Mark Zuckerberg came out of nowhere and become the youngest billionaire of the world. Facebook was not the only species of its kind when it was born but still it overpowered all its peers and became the best tool to satisfy one's desire for online social ties and a very simple yet effective weapon to fight boredom and loneliness. The most important reason why other sites couldn't compete with Facebook's growth was its timing. When Facebook emerged, the web was stronger, faster and more crowded than ever. That wasn't the case 10 or 20 years ago. As it’s said "More powerful than the might of all the armies on Earth is an idea whose time has come" and Mark knew that time for his GREAT IDEA had come.
Not only Facebook, but every major development or revolution in any field, whether it is politics, society, economy or science and technology, it had its roots in an idea that sprouted in someone’s mind which was first scoffed at by the people and then accepted as common. Everybody on this earth has ideas bubbling in his/her mind which just need a little push of encouragement to grow into big. In the face of criticism, don’t nip it in the bud. If you have any positive idea, go for it. Don’t care if it appears small to others but you Go BIG with it and you’ll have everything in time to evolve and conform to make it big. Even Zuckerberg had not thought that more than one billion people will get connected via Facebook which he had developed in his college dormitory just for getting in touch with his few friends on campus. Later he made it big.
Of course, Most of the successful businesses today like Microsoft, Dell, Apple etc were started by college-dropouts with little money and experience but with faith in themselves and their idea, which later revolutionized the whole world. Many people, with all the qualities of an entrepreneur never find that GREAT IDEA and suffer through failed attempts their whole lives for lack of faith in their idea.
So, if you have that GREAT IDEA popped up in your mind and that feeling inside of doing something, GO FOR IT!!! Because that moment is the best time for your IDEA. “An invasion of armies can be resisted but an invasion of ideas cannot” and there is nothing more powerful than an idea when the idea is conceived at the right time.
That said, this quote even hints at a psychological warfare. Some have oriented their mind in production of ideas that are detrimental to the larger society, but ultimately those prevail who have larger benefit and improvement of society at the center of their thought process while thinking and implementing their ideas. After all, every idea originates within the mind, and materializes in the physical form afterwards. Ideas can grow, contribute, expand and enlighten us whereas on the other side they can dominate, demand or even limit our insights. Every idea has both its negatives and positives and for that matter, its takers and breakers. Have belief in yourself and your idea. Never let critics destroy your great idea.
‘Go, Be Inspired & Kiss The World’ as “Not Even An Army Can Stop An Idea Whose Time Has Come” and it’s your time now.

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