Google Glass : An Eye 'On' An Eye Makes the World Full of Joy

Written by: Mayank Bansal
One tough day, stressed with daily office chores, you hope you had a magical coin to wish anything and it escorts you to a fantasy world that you always dreamt for. Though an ambitious dream, surrealist Google recreates a resemblance to your dream in real world with its futuristic eye. Just a few scrolls and say “I wish for a world filled with soothing sounds of nature" and BAM you find yourself with a perfect beach in front of you surrounded with calming and cooling melodious sounds of splashing waves all around. You live a few moments of your real life with a dreamlike quality. That’s what Google brings with its latest technological breakthrough, letting the world find Joy by putting on your eye a 'smart eye phone'  i.e.  Google Glass.
We all have those unforgettable moments living inside us which we always desired to share with our loved ones. Such “Life Well Lived” moments are the ones making us realize the joy and happiness present in our beautiful lives. When a first time skydiver, surviving that intense wait with racing heartbeat, jumps 30,000 feet above the deserted drop zone, he experiences a moment of insanity. A moment he can never re-generate and yearns for his beloved ones to be a part of it. And this high-tech Google's eyewear lends a hand, fulfilling this unrealistic desire with its breathtaking ‘live video streaming technology’ which allows its audience to see exactly what the possessor can see and be a part of one of his many “Life Well Lived” joyful moments.
I ask you a question here. What’s worth a Smartphone, to an unfortunate amputee? People with disabilities are sometimes ignored by the developers of technology but Google Glass has successfully lit a beacon of hope for them and yet again proved that “TECHNOLOGY IS FOR ALL, NOT SOME!!!” Its voice interactive interface is the best technological support available for disabled people. A close observation points towards a very important aspect here. Google Glass is not just an assistive technology for disabled people instead it’s accessible to all in its same form instilling a sense of ‘technological inclusion’ among them. This feeling not only boosts up their confidence level but also makes them feel empowered and competent. Here Google sets an example for all of us and inspires us to develop a joyful environment that improves quality of life for all.  It is such plans and efforts that fuel the hopes and aspirations for the future.
Whether capturing your baby’s first steps or enjoying a movie on the go, your personal 25 inches smart theatre is just a few clicks away with Google Glass. It’s like living an alternate life, that joyful life which you always wanted, on a virtual screen. Besides guiding you on the way and allowing you to be in touch with others, it’s not just an eye, instead it’s a personal assistant who assists you in transforming your lifestyle into a blitheful existence.
Of course there are questions about safety concerns related to Google Glass but let's not forget that the same issues were raised at the time of advent of mobile and smart phones. And time has proved that everthing depends upon how you integrate technology and inventions with your lifestyle and escalate yourself towards a joyful and peaceful and contributing life experience. This is also one idea whose time has come.

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