Big Question Everyone Faces: What To Do In Life?

Written by: Mayank Bansal
My mom and I were sitting together and all of a sudden she asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” My lips began to quiver in spur of the moment and all enigmatic and vague theories started baffling my mind. What am I interested in? What am I destined to be? What my future life would be like? Had I said more, my dumbstruck face conveyed the unspoken dilemma. Sooner or later, we all encounter this situation when our inner self makes us wonder “What is it I’m interested in?”
We sometimes envy people pursuing their dream career, as we’re still wondering what we want to be when we grow up. And in a flash, we find ourselves all grown up. Why it becomes so difficult to know what you like? Why true career aspirations seem so farfetched? A quick observation helps us zero in on two major factors:  the social environment we live in and a discouraging community that surrounds us, unzipping the mysterious explanation.
You may start by questioning yourself; do I strive to help or to be recognized? Do I want to be creative or to be enforced? What’s better, security or spontaneity? Shall I be knowledgeable or a control freak? Renowned or unknown, secure or reckless, we are who we are and an acceptance of same within our social environment is the need of the hour. Creating an environment that acknowledges your deep insights helps you overcome your confusions. Such social acceptances sway your farfetched aspirations towards reality and impel you to make your passion, your profession.
Ani DiFranco once said “I know there is strength in the differences between us. I know there is comfort, where we overlap.” When laughed at by friends on wanting to follow your dream, how do you respond?.  One may latch onto plethora of excuses for not following his/her dreams. To create your own vision or letting someone else do that for you, it’s a question that you need to address within yourself. Always remember: Success is the best revenge. Though strength lies in differences, an encouraging community renders the process of shaping your journey of resolving the enigma, a comfortable one.
But one thing is certain that in pursuit of your chosen path you will have to face many difficulties which will test your commitment to your dream. In an interview with online magazine, David Horvath, Co-creator of the globally successful Uglydoll brand, says,  "Many months on my sister’s floor in the early days, and skipping meals sometimes when things got serious at the start. But that stuff is always thrown in to test how dedicated you are. I always say if someone from the future travels back in time to tell you your lifelong dream will fail 100%, and you still go for it anyway, it will work." 
What are you going to do in life? Life poses this question to everybody at some stage of life. How do you answer it depends on the courage you show while facing your inner-self as well as your social environment consisting of your near and dear ones and detractors. Guard your interests and live a joyful dream life.

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