Want to Live Forever?

Many of us might have asked ourselves what if we can live forever. Or, is it possible to live permanently? Most of the religious texts world over, tell us that our soul is immortal and remains in existence even after our body ceases to have life. For instance, in “Geeta-Updesh” (a religious book of Hindus), it is stated by Lord Krishna that our bodies shall perish but our soul is immortal and it can neither be created not destroyed. Some modern philosophers call the soul by other names like consciousness or energy or awareness etc.

Many of us may believe this or don’t, but one thing is certain that most would like to live forever not only in terms of soul but also with the body (might be with some changes). If not forever, then a little longer. That explains why news about longest living person on earth makes headlines. According to Gerontology Research Group, after Jiroemon Kimura, Misao Okawa of Japan is the oldest living person on earth. His age has been verified as 115 years. Who doesn’t want to live that long or more? Or what about living forever?

Given the pace of scientific developments happening in the world of today, the possibility of living forever does not seem far away. Taking advantage of technological advancements and his immense wealth, Russian billionaire business tycoon and media mogul, Dmitry Itskov, has prepared a blueprint to live forever. Dmitry Itskov is just 32 years old and thus he has age by his side to prepare for this life-(or death) changing project towards immortality. He has plans to achieve this target by 2045. So we have to wait or live for some time before we see how things turn out be. The peculiar thing is that Itskov plans to live forever not through his normal flesh-and-blood body but by building himself an android body, which in-fact will be a robotic body uploaded with the contents of a human brain. To say in currently popular tech-lingo, it will be some sort of a digital life forever. You may read the full report here.

Now, the point remains that you cannot have body and soul together permanently. The android body may have digital limbs like heart and brain, but soul or consciousness can’t be digitized, and it is the soul or spirit or consciousness which makes us human beings different from robots. You might have seen these types of android bodies in many Hollywood movies like Matrix and in Indian movies. One such recent Indian movie Enthirun (Robot in Hindi), starring Rajinikanth, depicts the consequences of similar attempt to create a human like android body having no soul, which became a threat to humanity itself.

So, we come to conclusion that if Itskov is successful in his project, our imagination in movies may become reality and we may digitally live forever. But this permanent life will be without soul. The other interesting aspect (as mentioned earlier) is that philosophically we already live forever as consciousness or soul or energy which can never be destroyed.

Thus it appears certain that we cannot have both body and soul together living forever. We can have one without the other, permanently. Which one would you prefer? You may write in comments section.

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Written by: Ashok Kumar

Photo credit: Flickr

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  1. Well it's hard to say for sure what happens when everything that you are gets downloaded into another body. What if the soul follows and expands our awareness?

    Also, with the advancements in biotechnology, these android bodies could be as close to real as our own. if we just replaced the heart, and other organs with a strong and low power devices that accomplish all of the same goals, as long as the brain lasts or can be repaired then I don't see how we couldn't live forever with the same consciousness or soul that we have always had.

    Dick Cheney is my prime example. He has a pump that has temporarily replaced his heart. He has no pulse because the pump is continuous. He is still the same person as long as that brain keeps ticking. Now, downloading someone's exact brain functions and recreating that person in a digital environment might not be the same thing as living forever but no one can be sure until we attempt it.

    I for one am completely up for the idea of living forever. I would love to take several years off from "life" and just ponder existence in general on the tops of mountains without the need for food, shelter, or company. We could build ourselves up mentally and understand our universe more completely without a time frame to worry about.